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Low back pain results from a musculoskeletal disorder of the lower back. It can come in varied degrees of pain level. Many things can be the cause of low back pain, but most typically it is caused by muscular strain, injury to the lower back including the discs, ligaments, and muscles that are surrounding the spine area. There are a variety of treatments depending on exactly what is causing the pain, but one treatment that is gaining popularity is massage chairs.

It is thought that 80% of the population will experience low back pain at some point in their lives. Given the importance of the lower back to mobility, this certainly seems reasonable. There are certain conditions that occur with aging. However the vast majority fall into the preventable category.

Some low back problems come from Spinal stenosis, Scheuermanns disorder, Ulcers, Pancreatitis, Pagets disease, Pelvic inflammatory disease, and Ankylosing spondylitis. These conditions may require surgery or precription medication and must be treated by a doctor. Physical therapy is usually involved to restore the spine back to health.

The most unfortunate aspect of low back pain is that most conditions can be prevented. Injuries or strains may happen because of poor posture or not lifting an object correctly. Another common issue is not warming up well before an activity.

The common motion causing low back pain that can be prevented is how the body is used. From an anatomical point of view, the weight being put on the spine tends to be concentrated on a few muscles, ligaments and tendons in the lower back. This concentration of force tends to tire out these muscles causing them to become stiff and more brittle. If the force continues to be applied, then these soft tissues can become further fatigued causing them damage.

Massage chairs have found their way into more medical and chiropractic offices as a treatment to the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the lower back. The role of the massage chair is to help to loosen and relax these tight muscles. They have a number of specialized techniques that are applied for effective therapy.

A rolling massage is used to provide a traction function with a massage chair. The rolling is performed by rollers located in the back of the chair to target the spine. The patient is reclined back in the chair, and with the use of the patients weight and the angle of recliner, the rollers gently elongate the soft tissues between the discs. This helps to restore flexibility.

Massage chairs are used to deliver full body heat. These massage recliners have heating elements located throughout the chair. They can be used individually to target specific areas or used for the full body. Heat is commonly used to reduce the instance of swelling and help with the flow of blood in the area.

One common treatment to help heal the spine is the application of traction. Massage chairs come equipped with 3 traction methods. There are lower body tractions which stretch the legs. There are arm and shoulder tractions which stretch the arms. There are traction for the discs of the spine using the rollers in the chair back.

You can find many complimentary therapies being built into massage chairs. One fundamentally important therapy is simply music. Music helps the mind to relax and many massage chairs come with a MP3 player and headphones. You can relax to your favorite music as the massage soothes and relieves your tension.

Low back pain can be particularly agitating because we depend so much on our spine for mobility. Take the precautionary advice here and adapt your lifting techniques and correct your posture. Give your back a fighting chance to avoid injury. Warm up before activities. A massage chair can be used in these pro-active ways as well. You can use the stretching functions and massage treatments to help warm the body up or after to warm down. If you have other stress and tension, then massage chairs are excellent assets to help you care for your back.

Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Runners During Training

Competitive runners have been relying on deep muscle massage as part of their regular training and recovery after a competition. Not only does it help the runner to relax, but also enhance their running, increase their awareness of their muscles, help to prevent injuries and much more. Even the casual athlete has come to realize that they to can benefit from a regular sports massage.

Massage Therapy has long been known to have amazing benefits, most notably the ability to initiate the relaxation response in our bodies. Recently it has become more popular among athletes. Most athletes want to reduce muscle soreness and increase healing. Runners, in particular, are on the lookout for ways to train more effectively, improve performance, prevent injury and recover quickly.

Competitive runners often cite that achievement can be boosted through sports massage. Faster races points can be credited to the body’s ability to more quickly regenerate and repair. Running, by nature, puts a lot of stress on the knees and joints from impact to pavement or ground. With massage, the effects the impact has on your joints and muscles are minimized. Runners often think that performance is only realized with pushing the body harder and running faster or for longer distances. This is not the case! Unless the body is working efficiently, no amount of extra work put on the body will improve long-term achievement. In addition to the ability to better regenerate, runners often experience more versatility and a feeling of weightlessness after a massage that can achieve the competitive edge they desire and need.

Injury prevention is another key reason why sports massage makes you a better runner. A therapist trained in sports massage can identify if you are training correctly. Things like imbalance and an unusual tilt in the pelvis and associated muscles will indicate to the therapist that you may have a pronation problem. They can then release areas of tension that could easily develop into an injury and provide you with advice and orthotics to avoid facing the same issue.

Massage therapists can also recognize areas of natural tightness or vulnerability that could also lead to injury. These areas can be extricated and strengthened through the consistent message. Your body will become more balanced; you’ll run much more smoothly, and you’ll have less uncertainty of becoming hurt.

Injury can also occur with overuse of a particular muscle or muscle group. Inflamed muscles are one event. Massage can first reduce the chance of these becoming overused in the first place. If overuse does occur, the swelling can be reduced through massage. The sturdy muscle fibers can be straightened out. After regular straightening of these muscles, they can train to stay straightened.

Recovery is another advantage competitive runners can get from routine sports massage. The injury is bound to happen to any competitive runner, regardless of the distance. Massage can speed up recovery time, particularly for soft tissue wounds like strains, sprains, and repeat stress injuries. Any scar tissue accumulated during the injury can be smoothed out thanks to massage.

The field of massage therapy is extremely varied, and therapists can specialize in one or more types of massage. Several modalities are particularly suited for athletes:

Swedish Massage – A full body massage that increases venous and lymph flow, promotes realization and improves cell nutrition. The depth of pressure can be adjusted to meet the clients specific needs.

Neuromuscular Therapy – Applies pressure to specific points (Trigger Points) to relieve spasm and pain in the muscles.

Thai Massage – Can help the athlete as it stretches and softens the muscle by passive stretching and compression, and allowing each muscle group to be brought through its full range of motion.

Sports Massage – Not a particular form of massage itself, but rather an integration of techniques and modalities tailored to suit the athlete’s needs.

Competitive runners should seek massage before and after runs, when injuries occur, recovery from old injuries, and before and after workout training. The day before a big competition, a wise runner will get a good rub down to help prevent injuries and to provide an over all well-being feeling. To lessen recovery time, shortly after a race, a massage will help rid of the lactic acid build up and reduce soreness that often happens due to exertion.

Integrative Therapeutic bodywork can work with all fitness levels, from beginners to professional. Massage is a necessary component of every active person’s health and wellness plan.

Use Your Mobile Massage Service For Sore Muscles

A lot of us will suffer from sore muscles or stress at some point in our lives. Common complaints include having a very stiff back, sore shoulders, or headache. A mobile massage in Stockwell service is a very convenient way of getting rid of muscle tension.

There can be lots of reasons why your muscles stiffen sore, and some common ones are too much gardening, bad posture, or too much sports. A massage therapist is trained to help your muscles feel less stiff and sore so that you can recover quickly and get on with your everyday life. It can sometimes be awkward to find the time to travel to a clinic for a massage.

If you choose to use a mobile massage service in Stockwell then you will find it much more convenient as you can arrange a time suitable for you and they will come to your office or home. This saves you valuable traveling time to the clinic. A mobile massage therapist will be able to offer you several different moustaches depending on your condition. It is probably best to give them a call and discuss your needs with them to they can decide which treatment will suit you best.

A very popular kind of treatment is the on-site chair massage as it is so very convenient. The massage can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as 45 minutes. You can remain closed the whole time while the therapist focuses on relieving tension in your shoulders and neck, back and arms. Its a great way of having a treatment if you are very short on time or in the office.

It could be that you want to get together with colleagues and arrange for an on-site massage for a few of you. It can be a great way to get long-lasting benefits without it taking a long time from the working day. Afterwards you and your colleagues should feel more productive at work and less stressed.

Another beneficial massage in Stockwell is reflexology which works by your reflexologist applying pressure to your feet. The pressure sends specific signals to your body so the health benefits affect the whole body. Treatment may last for an hour, but you only need to remove your shoes and socks. The procedure is meant to be relaxing and should not be painful.

Thai Yoga massage may be a little more strenuous as the therapist will place your body into certain yoga positions so that they can apply massage to you while you hold the position. This kind of massage works on the pressure points and energy lines in the body, and helps the body to stretch. It is nice as you can remain closed for the whole time and it does not use any oils.

It is often used by people who have sports injuries or by those who do a lot of sports as it can help greatly with their flexibility. It is also useful for people who may have had a lot of scar tissue from surgery as it can help to break it down. It’s important to wear loose and comfortable clothing for this massage, and not to eat for two hours beforehand.

A mobile massage service can be the ideal way to lower your stress levels and ease sore muscles. It is a much quicker way to get a massage than going to a clinic. It is ideal if you have a busy life.